• June 7 is National Donut Day!

    June 7 is National Donut Day!Celebrate with a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts tomorrow with any beverage purchase (make it two and bring us one!). Click here to view this post on facebook.

  • Solco and Tyco/Grinnell Form Strategic Alliance

    Solco Plumbing Supply is pleased to announce our new strategic alliance with Tyco/Grinnell! Click here to view all of the exciting details in our interactive online brochure.

  • Get the Lead Out

    Dear Valued Customer, The “Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011” (Federal Public Law 111-380) becomes effective January 2014. This new legislation reduces the allowable lead content for wetted surfaces to 0.25%, for residential or non-residential plumbing systems providing water for human consumption. Leaded products will no longer be sold or installed and […]

  • Congratulations to Steve Miller!

    Please join us in congratulating Steve Miller on being named partner at Solco Plumbing Supply! Click here to view this post on facebook.

  • Elkay Receives Favorable Preliminary Decision in Chinese Sink Manufacturer Subsidy Case

    Via PR Newswire: “Today, the United States Department of Commerce issued its preliminary determination that subsidies provided by the Government of China to Chinese manufacturers of drawn stainless steel sinks violate U.S. trade laws. The investigation was initiated earlier this year in response to petitions filed by Elkay Manufacturing to protect its 3,500 U.S. employees […]

  • ‘Back to U.S. manufacturing’ trend shows irreversible aspects

    Check out this recent article in The Wholesaler: ‘Back to U.S. manufacturing’ trend shows irreversible aspects As America’s most domestic supply house, this article really resonates with us at Solco Plumbing Supply. Not only do we take pride in our domestically manufactured products, but we strive to limit our stock to less than 10% imported […]

  • Olympic Uniforms & American Manufacturing

    Solco is all about American manufacturing. If you’re familiar with our company, you’ll know that we stock 90%+ American made plumbing supplies, and we run a trade show entirely dedicated to American manufacturing companies. Like many Americans, we were very disappointed to see that the uniforms that will be worn by the United States Olympic […]

  • Hot Water 201: Hybrid & Heat Pump Water Heaters

    You’ve probably heard of hybrid cars, but have you heard of hybrid water heaters? Last time, we discussed some of the pros and cons of using an instant water heater in your home. Instant water heaters have been around for some time, and their efficiency has been proven, but there are a number of downsides […]

  • Instant Water Heaters 101

    So, your water heater is aging, looks like it may have been originally installed during the Reagan administration, and runs out of hot water halfway through the first shower in the morning. Clearly it’s time to start looking for a new one. You may have heard about ‘tankless’, ‘instantaneous’ or ‘demand’ water heaters; these can […]

  • This Week’s Favorite Bathrooms

    1) From Canadian House & Home: a lovely warm penny-tiled wall forms a great backdrop to this fun use of a wide sink set in a console table with two faucets. 2) From Freshome: while it may be decadent, a fireplace in the bathroom would certainly take the chill off. 3) Via Apartment Therapy: one […]