America First

America First
Solco putsĀ America first. We stock American made plumbing supplies because we believe in the value of the American manufacturing industry, and in the quality of the goods produced here. We feel that buying American is not only good for our customers, but also good for this country. Here’s why:

American Jobs

Buying American creates jobs for Americans and keeps our economy diverse, vibrant and strong. What’s more, American manufacturers are held to higher standards. American factories are safer and cleaner, workers are better paid and work more reasonable schedules, and by buying American you know you’re not supporting child labor that may be used in foreign factories.

Quality Products

Product safety regulations in foreign countries are lower and inspections are not as stringent. American made products are subject to a variety of consumer protection laws and standards that are in place to ensure that they will be safe and long lasting.

Manufacuring is an Asset

Factories and productive capacity are important to the future of this country. Faced with economic uncertainty, a diverse economy (less dependent on foreign trade and the variability of foreign markets) strengthens us as a country. Gas prices are a great example of this: because most of our oil is imported, the supply of gas depends heavily on often-unstable foreign countries. If everything we buy is made abroad, we are largely at the mercy of their stability.


American manufacturers are subject to stricter environmental regulations than foreign manufacturers. American factories use less destructive, less wasteful manufacturing processes, and more recycled materials. Foreign manufacturers may still be using wasteful, dirty and polluting processes that have been banned in the United States for decades.

Our pipe cutting service will ensure that our American-made pipe is customized to your exact specifications, delivered wherever and whenever it is needed.