‘Back to U.S. manufacturing’ trend shows irreversible aspects

Check out this recent article in The Wholesaler:

As America’s most domestic supply house, this article really resonates with us at Solco Plumbing Supply. Not only do we take pride in our domestically manufactured products, but we strive to limit our stock to less than 10% imported materials. This statement in particular strongly demonstrates how we at Solco feel about the value of American-made products:

“Of greatest urgency was the availability of trusted and reliable brand names of outstanding quality, rejecting imports that were not backed by an American manufacturer who would stand by their products.”

We are glad to see that more of our fellow distributors are embracing domestic manufacturing in place of lower-quality imports, and we join them in the hope that this year’s election will help, rather than hinder, future economical progress and stability. We remind you to avoid buying from post office boxes, and rather to invest in the quality and reliability of domestic materials, as we have always been proud to do.