Olympic Uniforms & American Manufacturing

Solco is all about American manufacturing. If you’re familiar with our company, you’ll know that we stock 90%+ American made plumbing supplies, and we run a trade show entirely dedicated to American manufacturing companies. Like many Americans, we were very disappointed to see that the uniforms that will be worn by the United States Olympic team during the opening ceremonies in London were made in China.

Designer Ralph Lauren, who has a contract with the U.S. Olympic team through 2020, has been widely criticized for not making the effort to make the uniforms here in America. While we’re unhappy that Ralph Lauren outsourced these uniforms, a number of positives have come from this. Foremost, it has drawn the issue of American manufacturing to center stage in the media. People have been talking about this, there have been articles in major newspapers, segments on TV news and countless blog posts on the subject. Ultimately this is a big positive for those of us who care about making things in America. People are thinking and talking about the importance of buying American, and companies that outsource their production have received a lot of negative attention. The important thing now is to keep the dialogue alive: it’s not just about the Olympic uniforms, it’s about everything we buy! In addition to drawing attention to the importance of buying American, the outcry put pressure on Ralph Lauren, and they have promised to make the uniforms for the 2014 winter games domestically.

In our continued effort to promote American manufacturing, we’re looking forward to hosting our second America First expo, this November 15th. Featuring plumbing manufacturers from around the country, America First gives our customers the opportunity to meet with the people who make the products, discuss the value of American manufacturing, and enjoy special discounts, prizes and more.

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